Development and management of brands

The process of development and then brand management in practice successfully tested on our own brand or. Marks that are exclusively represented by our company. With practical experience and poznavnajem processes to perfection, the subscriber can provide comprehensive support, from the outset, however, until the moment when the trade mark should be placed on the market and to position. But we are still almost at the beginning, because from there comes the biggest Osipov. Successfully keep the brand on the market for several years, but here we begin the real story.

Corporate identity of brands and businesses

Corporation or a micro-enterprise, established brand or just developing. Also within corporate image it is one of the factors for successful performance on the market. Sometimes it is sufficient distinguishing mark, some basic corporate materials, but we can prepare the corporate image with the manual for comprehensive management of the brand. The probability that you will of us to choose from at the same time get more suggestions corporate image is zero, but we will be a solution together with you successfully brought to an end.

Marketing Strategy and Communications

Each campaign is planned properly, integrated communication, we strive to create a comprehensive and effective performance of particular brand or company on the market. Proper selection of channels seen as one of the key factors for achieving efficiency. Communications content we conceive and realize the full understanding of the specifics of the individual channels and more importantly, with the understanding of branding. With a full range of communications facilities cover practically all the existing channels, both analogue and digital.

Development and execution of digital content

The digital environment is one of the key communication channels. Properly designed and implemented a combination of site, app, acting on online networks and targeted online advertising, provides sales results. The beauty of all this is quantified in real time, and manage communications content at any time. Digital komuniciaranje is also very ideal for smaller budgets. We guarantee quality service, both in terms of web presence, online sales, as well as in the field of acting on networks and online advertising.

Graphic design and packaging design

Design, artistic, corporate or sales-oriented, with the distinction we have no problems. Design calendars that people are happy to hang on a wall, design annual reports, which are not boring design T-shirts, which do not become a substitute dusters, design packaging which themselves fall into the basket, design identity that remain in memory design exhibition spaces, which are different, design posters, eye-catching, design ads that sell, design websites that are user friendly, design for people.

For easier understanding

If requested services are not found or are simply are not able to collect from any of the first five points, this may help. With us you can also order only individual services such as, for example, print, television, radio advertisement, billboard, metro or city light, corporate design or just a logo, business cards, letterhead, business directory, design and programming of websites, online stores, or apps management and advertising on the Facebook network, packaging design, calendar, annual reports, invitations, brochures, leaflets, T-shirts, CDs …